Brave dog sacrifices life to save master’s family from deadly cobra


Khurda: Dog is man’s best friend, it is said. And dogs have proved this saying time and again. A brave pet dog—Tyson— has proved it too by sacrificing his life to save his master’s family from a venomous snake.

Tyson, a Dalmatian, spotted a cobra that was trying to enter his house in Khurda’s Jatni and decided to stop it. Amin Sharif, the master of the loyal dog, woke up to Tyson barking in an unusual way at around 2 am.

When the family members tried to step out of the house to see what’s going on Tyson stopped them from stepping out and ran back to take the cobra he had spotted head on.

After a furious battle that went on for more than half-an-hour, Tyson killed the poisonous cobra. However, he was bitten by the venomous snake resulting in his death within a few minutes.

Talking to media, the master of the brave dog, Amin said that Tyson proved his loyalty by sacrificing his life for the family. He was loved by all the family members and his sacrifice for will be remembered by all.

However, Amin expressed deep grief for not being able to save Tyson’s life as no veterinarian were available in the wee hours and no government veterinary hospitals were also open at that time.

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