Brahman Kund brimming with tourists amid COVID curbs


Bangiriposhi: The tourist spot, Brahman kund, here is brimming with tourists for X-Mas celebrations. They have made a beeline to the spot amid Covid restrictions.

Visitors from all over the state and other places have gathered in large numbers at Sunamuhin, Domuhani, Dwarasuni, Nedham Dam and other areas for feasting. They have enjoyed their jaunt by adhering to coronavirus norms.

The Brahman Kund is a unique tourist spot that is located on the banks of Budhabalanga river in Bangiriposhi block. The place of tourist attraction enjoys nature’s bounty with the waterfall cascading down to regale the visitors.

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The big reservoir-like water body is replete with shoals of fish. The reflection of sunrays on the its water is a scene to watch.

The biodiversity of the region surrounding Brahman Kund is unparralled. Locals say they always welcome tourists as they provide them livelihood.

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