BR Life Kalinga Hospital Hosts Cardiocon 2019


Bhubaneswar: BR Life Kalinga Hospital hosted Cardiocon 2019 today to create awareness on the rise in cardiac disease in India and the treatment options available for the patients. More than 150 physicians from across Orissa attended this conclave.

The Conclave included sessions conducted by leading Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular specialists of BR Life Kalinga Hospital, namely Dr. Karunakara Padhy, Director CTVS, Dr. Susanta Kumar Patra, Sr. Consultant CTVS, Dr. Swetank Das, Consultant CTVS, Dr. Susant Shaila, Sr. Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Sudipta Acharya, Sr. Consultant Interventional Cardiologist and Dr. Binay Bhusan Binakar, Sr. Consultant Interventional Cardiologist and Dr Sibasankar Dalai, Sr. Visiting Consultant Vascular and Interventional Radiologist.

According to the Odisha Economic Survey, every year 25,000 people reportedly die due to cardiovascular problems in Odisha. Apart from this, the state is also witnessing a simultaneous surge in the incidence of heart failure, mostly among relatively younger men and women who were earlier considered to be out of the risk bracket of this condition. This scenario can be altered with the increase in the awareness of the treatment options available at Odisha. Technological advancements in biomedical engineering have made it easier to tackle almost all kinds of coronary blockages with the help of catheter-based interventions that are relatively more appealing to the patient. While this could hold true for short segmental lesions, for long term results of long lesions, especially close to the left main bifurcation, arterial bypass grafts (by surgery) could be the solution.

With Biomedical technology, cardiac surgeries have made significant progress, especially in case of the operations that were earlier carried out by big incisions and by stopping the heart to operate. These critical surgeries have now been replaced in many centres around the world by procedures like BEATING HEART SURGERY (operating even as the heart continues to beat) without the assistance of Heart Lung machine or its inadvertent complications. Vein grafts (harvested from the leg) have been replaced by arterial grafts (from within the chest or from the forearm). Most importantly, the average length of stay in hospital has been reduced to less than a week with fewer chances of repeat intervention for at least a decade.

Speaking at the conclave, Dr Karunakara Padhy, Director CTVS at BR Life Kalinga Hospital said, “The medical scenario of Orissa has been changing for better for over a decade now. With the rise in medical technology and the advancement of the procedures, the state is now equipped to handle all kinds of critical cases, especially in case of heart related problems such as, Congenital Heart Disease, Beating Heart surgery, CABG, Minimal Invasive cardiac surgery, Cardiac Transplant and save the lives of people, without having them move to other cities for better treatment options and clinical assistance. Just with eight leading hospitals, we are conducting 200 cardiac procedures a month, whereas Odisha has the potential to perform over 800 cardiac procedure a month and give a new lease of life to the patients.”

The Government has introduced various health schemes for people to help and improve their health conditions. These schemes aim to be a blessing for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases by providing them with financial assistance. The hospital authorities are available to provide assistance for more details and ways to access this scheme.

Speaking on the importance of the conclave, Mr Varghese. P. John, Unit Head, BR Life Kalinga Hospital said, “We, at BR life Kalinga Hospital, are delighted to host this CME of Cardiology and Cardiac Sciences. Cardiocon 2019 is our humble initiative to showcase how BR Life Kalinga Super Specialty Hospital is poised to take Cardiac Sciences to the next level as the best clinical centre of excellence for the people of Odisha.

Through this conclave, we aim to create and raise awareness on the rising incidence of cardiac disorders in our state, and that with the help of our expert physicians, we aim to reach out to maximum patients who need immediate intervention in cardiac disease.”

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