BMC Issues Revised SOP For Central Monitoring Of Contact Tracing & Follow Up Measures


Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has issued a revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Central Monitoring of contact tracing and its follow up measures.

The BMC in an order said: “Contact Tracing forms an integral part to contain the spread of infectious disease. COVID-19 being highly infectious needs a focussed contact tracing mechanism to check the spread. For effective monitoring and conduct of contact tracing and its follow up measures, one SOP was issued by BMC dated 20.06.2020. Due to change in personnel and some procedure the following revised SOP is hereby issued.

  • The preliminary information of all positive case in shape of Self reporting format (SRF) will be received by Sri Manas Ranjan Samal, OAS cum the nodal officer for contact tracing. As soon as the SRFs are received the nodal officer will forward the SRFs to the team leader of the Contact Tracing Team who is a Community Medicine Expert. The Contact tracing team will also consist one RRT team headed by one Ayush Doctor. The contact tracing team will work in two shifts with two teams each namely Day shift and evening shift. The Day shift timing will be 10.00 AM to 5.30 PM with usual lunch hour and the evening shift timing will be from 5.00 PM upto the end of days work.

The team details and shift details is as follows.

  • The contact tracing team leader will ensure fill up the First part of the Contact tracing format by involving his RRT team. The names of the primary and secondary contact need to be correctly reflected in the appropriate place in the format. The data so collected through contact tracing will be entered in the web application immediately. Sri Kamalakanta Behera, Deputy Commissioner will be the in charge for data entry of the first part of the Contact tracing form.
  • Simultaneously the nodal officer contact tracing will also coordinate with the Capital Hospital and the designated COVID hospital/CCC for their shifting. Sri Suvendu Kumar Sahoo, OAS, DC Health and Sri Sabyasachi Hota, OAS, to assist the nodal officer contact tracing in these matter. Whenever there is request/adequateness for home isolation from any asymptomatic case in non slum area, the nodal officer home isolation will immediately get the house facility checked for its suitability and adequateness for home isolation and obtain necessary document/undertaking from the positive case for allowing home isolation for which a separate SOP has been prescribed.. The nodal officer home isolation management will take the help of zonal level RRT teams for the purpose.
  • Sri Kamalakanta Behera, Deputy Commissioner and in charge of data entry will ensure the submission of data to the nodal officer contact tracing on the same day for dissemination of information to Govt as well as for posting the matter in official twitter handle of BMC. Sri Sabyasachi Hota, will be responsible for posting of the daily information in the official tweeter handle of BMC after approval of Commissioner.
  • The officer in charge of data entry will forward the contact tracing on line format to the level of health team and Zonal DC level for filling of the second part of the forms. The CPM NUHM will be responsible for filling up of the data related to surveillance and also sanitation information after obtaining the data from the City Health Officer. The Zonal Deputy Commissioners will ensure entry of their part on the online contact tracing format by involving the team as follows.

The team leaders of contact tracing will ensure that proper contact tracing is done for establishing the reason of infection. In the event of non-establishment of cause of infection in a local case, team leader to escalate the matter to the City Health officer and ADUPHO, Bhubaneswar for further analysis for establishing possible reason of infection. In spite of all these efforts if the cause is not established, then it shall be brought it to the notice of the Commissioner for suitable intervention.

  • Special focus will be given for contact tracing in slum area. As soon as a positive case is detected in slum area, after his shifting to the COVID Hospital, a well mark area in and around the house have to be selected for quarantining all the house under it. The slum dwellers of the well marked area quarantined will be tested for COVID within 5-7 days of detection of the related positive case. The zone senior officers while supervising contact tracing of slum cases to also take the case to its logical conclusion about the cause of infection.
  • The Active surveillance of the slum area is currently undergoing and all the slum dwellers with SARI/ILI symptoms will be shifted to institutional quarantine and tested for COVID. After receipt of negative report they will be sent back to their homes. This action is to be monitored by the Health Team headed by ADUPHO, CPM NHM in coordination with the ZDCs.
  • The City Health Officer will take steps for sanitization of the area where positive cases are detected and intimate the CPM NUHM for data entry in the online web application format.
  • The zonal deputy commissioners will ensure quarantining of Family members/primary contacts/ secondary contacts and get them tested if found symptomatic after active surveillance. The supervision on completion of filling up of the first part and the second part of the format will be the responsibility of the officer in charge of data entry. After the filling up of the format it shall be handed over to Sri Manas Ranjan Samal, OAS, Nodal officer for record purpose.

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