BMC identified 500 rag pickers for a cleaner city


Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started the process of engaging rag pickers in segregation of municipal solid waste. In the first phase, 500 rag pickers have been identified and provided with identity cards.

As per official sources, earlier on December 12, the civic body had mooted the idea of organizing the rag pickers and involving them in livelihood programmes. After identification of the rag pickers, the private agencies, who have been engaged by the corporation to collect and dump solid waste, will be given the list of rag pickers. The three private agencies will be asked to engage the rag pickers and pay them on a daily basis.

The municipal solid waste containing household and plastic waste would be segregated  at source and the recyclable waste would be sent to processing units. After the proposed waste processing plant comes up at the designated site at Daruthenga, the segregated waste will be sent to the plant.

Official sources reveal that there are around 1,500 rag pickers in the city who sell the waste with scrap dealers. Being untrained and unknown of the value of waste, the rag pickers get less remuneration as compared to the labour they provide. This results in reckless handling of waste. Before the rag pickers are engaged in segregation work, they will be given formal training on how to handle different kinds of waste.

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