Blackbuck sanctuary in Karnataka reels under water scarcity


Haveri: Soaring temperature has left the blackbuck sanctuary at Ranebennur in Karnataka struggling with water crisis, villagers alleged.

The officials said the sanctuary is experiencing water crisis since one month and added that some of the blackbucks have strayed into nearby villages to quench their thirst.

Villagers living near the sanctuary alleged that the forest department has failed to make proper arrangements to tackle the crisis efficiently. The sanctuary is home to 6,000 blackbucks.  The sanctuary is spread over 119 square kilometres.

Blackbucks apart, the sanctuary is a home to wolves, fox, jackal, mongoose, pangolin and wild boars. Birds like peacock, large grey babbler, bay-backed shrike, black drongo and others also live in the sanctuary.

Range forest officer, Ganesh Shettar, said that 48 ponds were dug in the sanctuary by the forest department. Of these, only 32 were functioning. Shettar said 18 ponds located in sanctuary remain damaged.

The 32 ponds are being filled with tankers for the animals, he said and added that all ponds were being monitored to refill them before they get empty.


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