BJP’s Sambit Patra Hits Back At Congress Over Pegasus Row

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New Delhi: Amid opposition’s roaring stand over the Pegasus snooping scandal, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra took a jibe at Congress’ Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday asking that if the latter’s phone has a weapon, then why hasn’t filed a complaint yet?

Addressing media persons, Sambit Patra said, “What do Opposition parties want? They have only one goal and that is to save their families. Rahul & Priyanka only want to be settled politically. PM Modi’s only concern is settling India on the path of development. The public understands drama of opposition unity.”

“If his phone has a weapon, yet he doesn’t file a complaint and only does press conferences. Why would anyone spy on Rahul Gandhi? He is unable to run the Congress party. What will be gained after spying on him? Rahul ji, you should get your phone checked,” Patra said.

“PM Modi calls for meetings on important issues, but Congress boycotts them. You (Rahul Gandhi) are saying that a doctored motive (Pegasus) is important for us, not COVID. You are playing with lives of people. You are suppressing the voices of people,” Patra added.

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