BJP wants war, not peace, says Chidambaram


Sivaganga (TN): Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said he suspected BJP wanted war and not peace  as it is trying to cover up its failures by a hard line manifesto.

Chidambaram said BJP’s stance on Articles 370 and 35A would sow the seeds of a “major disaster” in Jammu and Kashmir.

The former finance minister  said the saffron party’s manifesto does not speak about demonetization. Nor does it speaks about 2 crore jobs, Chidambaram said.

For 10 years during the UPA rule, he said, India was absolutely secure without any threat of war between India and Pakistan or China.

Chidambaram said there was no fear that any day, anytime war will break out between India and Pakistan.

The former finance minister said people in border areas are living in fear that war may break out anytime. I have a suspicion that BJP wants a war. I don’t think they want peace. They want a war, Chidambaram said .

Chidamabaram said the PM Kisan scheme to all farmers and pension for small farmers will not overshadow the Minimum Income Support Scheme (Nyay) of the Congress.

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