BJP Slams Rahul Gandhi, Says Jinnah’s Spirit Enters Him When He Is Abroad 


New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and former Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Wednesday launched a blistering attack against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the US.

Naqvi claimed that Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s spirit enters Rahul Gandhi whenever he is abroad.

The BJP leader said: “When Rahul Gandhi goes abroad, the spirit of Jinnah or the thinking of people like al-Qaida enters his body. I would suggest him to come to India and get exorcism done from a good exorcist”.

He added that Rahul Gandhi’s main gripe is he is not able to digest how Modi has destroyed his fiefdom through inclusive development. He added the Congress leader equates democracy with dynasty. The BJP leader also claimed Gandhi has taken a contract to defame India while adding the Congress “used Muslims like chewing gum”.

Rahul Gandhi said earlier in the day that if one sat Prime Minister Modi next to God, he would explain to God how the universe functions. The Congress leader further noted that India is being led by a group of people who believe they can explain science to scientists and history to historians.

Gandhi also accused the Centre of “misusing” agencies and “threatening” the people.  The Congress leader further claimed that the BJP is using the golden sceptre Sengol for distracting people from more pressing issues like unemployment and inflation.

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