BJP lawmakers thrash each other with shoes, slaps in UP; video goes viral


Sant Kabir Nagar: A BJP MP and an MLA exchanged blows on Wednesday evening after an argument broke out over the placement of names on a foundation stone of a project in Sant Kabir Nagar in Uttar Pradesh.

The lawmakers were attending a meeting of District Planning Committee in the Collectorate Auditorium at Sant Kabir Nagar. Several videos of the scuffle were shot by onlookers and have gone viral on social media websites.

The video shows BJP MP Sharad Tripathi losing his cool at MLA Rakesh Singh because his name was missing from the foundation stone for a local road.

After a verbal duel, the MP approached the MLA, who was seated with other party members around a round table, removed his shoe and started hitting him with it, much to the shock of everyone present there.

Infuriated by the MP’s actions, the MLA got up and hit back the MP. The two then rained blows at each other before other party members could intervene.

Soon after, the ministers left the meeting and returned to Lucknow. Both the parliamentarian and the MLA have not responded to media queries so far.

UP BJP chief MN Pandey said the party has taken cognizance of this “condemnable incident” and both have been summoned to Lucknow. “Strict disciplinary action will be taken,” he said.

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