BJP Hits Out At Congress For Accusing Centre’s Link To Pegasus Project Report


New Delhi: Denying the central government’s role in the alleged illegal surveillance of journalists using Pegasus spyware, Former Union information and technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Monday hit out at Congress.

Addressing a press conference, Prasad said that Congress’s remarks were “baseless and bereft of propriety.”

He said that there is a robust legal framework in India and phone tapping and surveillance can only be done in cases of national security and that too after following a legal procedure.

“Why was this Pegasus story brought just before the monsoon session? Was it a pre-planned strategy by some people to bring it before the monsoon session? Can we deny that bodies like Amnesty had a declared anti-India agenda in many ways? They withdrew from India when we asked them about their foreign funding as per law,” Prasad questioned.

“Those who have broken the story themselves did not claim that a presence of a particular number in the database does not confirm that it is infected with Pegasus. It is important to reveal all these facts in front of the nation.

“Our IT Minister confirmed today that for lawful interceptions of a phone can only be made as per relevant rules under provisions of Section 5 of Indian Telegraph Act along with the permission of Home Secretary of the centre or Home Secretary of the state. WhatsApp very specifically contended before the Supreme Court that its data cannot be hacked by the Pegasus of the company system,” he said.

He questioned if some political parties and leaders have become “supari agents” of such conspiracy, adding that the conspiracy was being flamed by those who are upset with the development and growth made in India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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