BJP accumulates Rs 553 cr from unknown sources in 2017-18, says Report


New Delhi: The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has accumulated over Rs 553 crore as income from unknown sources in 2017-18, a report said.

The report has said that this figure is 80 percent of total such income and four times the aggregate declared by the five other national parties.

The report by an organization working as election watchdog, the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), said on Wednesday that a total of Rs 689.44 crore was declared as income from unknown sources by the national parties.

The BJP has pocketed Rs 553.38 crore, the reports said. Unknown sources are income declared in the IT returns but without giving source of income for donations below Rs 20,000.

Such unknown sources include donations via Electoral Bonds, sale of coupons, relief fund, miscellaneous income, voluntary contributions and contribution from meetings and morchas.

According to reports, the law does not require political parties to reveal the name of individuals or organizations giving less than Rs 20,000.Therefore, over 50 per cent of the funds cannot be traced, the report added.

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