BJD whip for Zilla Parishad members


Bhubaneswar: Block and Panchayat samiti and Zilla Parishad formation process will begin with Block chairman election to be conducted on Saturday and Zilla Parishad President voting on Sunday. This has kept BJD and BJP on their toes and both parties are watching the block and parishad seat winners keenly to claim more numbers than the other.

A special meeting was hosted at Naveen Niwas on Friday where BJD ministers and MLAs of all regions gathered and a whip was issued for Zilla Parishad members who won tickets from the party. As per the whip, the ZP members have to reach the parishad office by 10 am on Sunday and will have to follow instructions of the party failing which legal action will be taken against such members.

“Changing parties at this point for Zilla parishad members is prohibited as per law. We have sent the instructions to the parishad members of the party through district presidents of BJD. They have been asked to vote and act as per party instructions or they will be removed as parishad member,” said spokesperson Surya Narayan Patro.

Though the Panchayat samiti members are chosen on non party basis, the backing of parties for candidates makes them as political as possible. In fact, the MLAs, ministers and party leaders have lodged their candidates in safe havens to ensure the competitors don’t get hold of them. While some have been sent off to Puri while others have been sent outside the state. All will reach the block offices by Saturday 10 am.

Party leaders are guarding keenly to prevent horse trading even in Zilla Parishad formation though the members were elected on party basis. BJD has 16 and BJP has 8 Zilla Parishads in hand.

But in the regions were there has been no majority of either party, there is more chance of horsetrading.

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