BJD Supremo Targets Opposition for ‘Bid to Stall’ Srimandir Parikrama, Ekamra Projects

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Wednesday campaigned for the BJD candidates in Khurda and gave an account of development works carried out by the conch party. He also targeted the opposition and said that the opposition leaders were lying, spreading false propaganda and shedding crocodile tears to woo voters.

Stating that the BJP Bhubaneswar MP tried to stall the Puri Srimandir Parikrama project and the Ekamra project, the BJD President appealed to the people to vote for both MP and MLA candidates of BJD.

Patnaik strongly criticised the Bhubaneswar MP and said that the Parliamentarian had written in her report card that “Rs 6,400 crore has been spent on the construction of the national highway. Tell me, what is the role of the MP in the construction of NH?” Naveen questioned. “Foot-over bridge near Kalinga Stadium, installation of 7000 solar lights and 20 minimax lights are the few significant works of your MP,” he pointed out.

“As the Bhubaneswar MP, bringing Metro to the city, connecting the surrounding areas with Bhubaneswar by ring road, so that the suburbs areas like Khurda, Begunia, Jatni etc. can be developed along with Bhubaneswar, could have been the notable works which could have been done,” he added.

Patnaik gave an account of the industries the BJD government established in Khurda. We had hoped that, as an MP she would bring many industries to Bhubaneswar. Has she done anything about the Paika rebellion that is the pride and glory of your region? Chief Minister has been repeatedly urging the centre to recognize the Paika Rebellion as the first freedom struggle, but the MP is still mum.

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