BJD Provides Cooked Food To 4.5 Lakh People Every Day, For 7 Day In Fani-Affected Puri


Bhubaneswar: As Fani cyclone packing speeds of close to 220 to 240 km/hour made landfall in Puri, the category-4 hurricane demolished the power structure of the district, ravaging the entire district’s power supply and pushing the district into darkness. With this large-scale devastation and no electricity, the cyclone also destroyed the rations housed with the people. It was important to provide food. Relief food was provided immediately but after the initial few days, the Biju Janata Dal President Shri. Naveen Patnaik felt it was important that the people were provided with nutritious and hygienic cooked food. He felt that while the people were provided with rice, financial support and polythene and till they again got back on their feet, the BJD not as a political party but as an organisation with a human heart should reach out the people of Puri district and help them irrespective of party affiliation, looking at them as one big family by the BJD.

Thus, he directed that the MLAs and leaders of the party reach out to the people across 5 blocks and 131 Gram Panchayats of Puri district providing free cooked food as part of the socially responsible work of the party. The MLAs and leaders of the BJD also rose the occasion and suo-moto took ownership of the entire responsibility as per the directions of the Hon’ble Party President and braving various odds, provided free cooked food to about four lakh fifty thousand people of Puri district for a period of seven days. They provided breakfast, lunch and dinner and ensured that the people were taken care of as family. There was no light, no electricity, water was scarce, and with absolutely no support, these BJD MLAs and leaders exhibited the highest levels of volunteerism and voluntary spirit. Without displaying any party affiliation or seeking any political one-upmanship, the BJD leaders worked tirelessly for the people of the Puri district. Water being scarce, they procured purified water in large quantities so that the people had access to clean water till the water sources damaged by the cyclone were restored. Wherever people could not come to have food in the community dining areas, food was delivered at the doorstep of the people as well.

The Biju Janata Dal leaders have epitomised the highest levels of volunteerism and voluntary spirit by working round the clock for these people of Puri, with an earnest heart and a humble spirit. The rest as they say is history. Having provided four lakh fifty thousand people each day for seven days with nutritious and hygienic cooked food, Biju Janata Dal has truly given a shining example of service and selfless dedication.



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