Bird census in Chilika begins tomorrow


Chilika: Bird census will start in Chilika from 5 am to 12 pm on Tuesday. Twenty-one teams will be engaged in the bird census.

Officers from Bombay Natural History Society, employees of wildlife division, ornithologists and members of different organizations had participated in the training camp held before the census.

Worthwhile to mention that over 11 lakh birds had assembled in Asia’s largest brackish water lake last year. It was noticed that the year 2020 had seen the rise in number of migratory birds in Chilika. In 2019, over 10 lakh birds had arrived in the lake for nesting and breeding.

Worthwhile to mention that Chilika attracts a number of migratory birds of different species from the world over and especially from Siberia during winter. This has been a major tourist attraction in Chilika over the years.

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