Bindyarani Devi bags silver medal in weightlifting at CWG 2022


Birmingham: Bindyarani Devi eased her way to a silver medal, banking on her lift & jerk prowess to account for her deficit in the snatch. The 23-year-old from Manipur lifted a total of 202 kgs, narrowly missing out on Nigerian Olarinoye’s gold by a sole kilogram. Fraer Morrow won bronze with a new personal best of 198kgs at Commonwealth Games 2022.

Home favourite Fraer Morrow went toe-to-toe with champion Olarinoye Adenike Adijat throughout the snatch lifts. Olarinoye lifted 90 kgs in her first attempt and followed that up with a successful 92 kg lift, a Games Record. Morrow looked comfortable throughout her first two snatch attempts of 86 kgs and 89kgs. She did not have the momentum in the push to clear 91 kgs.

Bindyarani held her form comfortably for an 81KG snatch. Her rapid second attempt saw her cross 84 kgs. A nervy third lift at 86 kgs saw the referees agree 2-1. She finished the snatch with a four-kgs lead over Gazinet in fourth.

Morrow’s team took a massive gamble, asking her to lift 109 kg clean and jerk in the first attempt but she cleared it in her second. Bidyarani banked on her clean and jerk expertise for a guaranteed medal, listing 105 as the first weight and smashing it.

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