Bihar lad’s Nano-copter gives height to his dreams


Patna: A man from Bihar redesigned his car to make it resemble a helicopter. Mithilesh Prasad, a resident of Chhapra village gave his Tata Nano car a dash of style in order to fulfil his dream of being a pilot.

Prasad has to leave behind his dream because of the financial crisis faced by his family hence he bought a car and gave it a helicopter look.

With a rotor blade, a tail, a tail boom and a rotor mast Prasad’s copter-car cannot fly, but certainly gives the feel like a helicopter.

Fitted with new controls and covered with a new coat of paint, Prasad’s car-copter has won the awe of neighbours and certainly Chhapra’s children.

Prasad’s interesting aerodynamic makeover of his vehicle created quite a buzz on social media.

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