Bigg Boss 16: Ankit Gupta Shares A Heartfelt Message For Priyanka Choudhary


Mumbai: Priyanka Choudhary has been all over the headlines for her strong game in Bigg Boss 16. And while Priyanka is often seen missing Ankit Gupta in the house, the Udaariyan star recently made the headlines after he shared a heartfelt message for the actress which is breaking the internet. Sharing a video to his Instagram story, Ankit admitted that he is missing Priyanka and said that he is rooting for her.

Ankit said, “Pri… Hi! I know ghar ke andar everybody is targeting you for no reason and har weekend ka vaar pe they are bashing you for no reason. I so wish that I was there with you, for you but unfortunately I am not. All I want to say is that I know you are very very very strong. You will take it all and come out as a boss and stand tall. So do not worry, we all here to support you, to love you. We all love you and everybody PriyaAnkit Fans, Ankit Ki Battlion, Priyanka Paltan, everybody loves you so much and we all are rooting for you and I miss you yaar. Jaldi se tu jeet ke aaja and then we will celebrate your win. Just take care of yourself and be strong as you are”.

Earlier, Talking about the unfair ways of the makers, the Udariyaan actor spoke up, “Constantly targeting Priyanka only makes the makers look bad, not her”.

Priyanka’s fans have been quite actively supporting her and are successful at decoding each and move of the makers that gives it away that they are targeting the actress. Talking about the same Ankit says, “The thing is, her fans can see through fabricated narratives, and it’s backfiring the makers. I hope they realise this soon and treat her the way she’s supposed to be treated- like the queen she is!”.


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