Bid to bury rape case: 11 including prime accused held in Kandhamal


Kandhamal: At least 11 persons were arrested by Raikia police in Kandhamal district for allegedly trying to bury a rape case. Cops have also arrested the prime accused involved in the case.

According to sources, the accused youth outraged the modesty of a minor girl on August 27 while the victim was alone in her house. Later, after being alerted about the crime, the victim’s family members lodged a complaint with the village committee against the prime accused.

Instead of being impartial and just, the committee allegedly tried to suppress the matter. They also advised the traumatised family to solve the matter mutually and avoid bringing cops into the same.

However, a Khap panchayat was also held in the village in order to hear the case and the accused also confessed about his misdeeds at the meeting.

When penalised for Rs 50,000 by the committee, the father of the accused youth showcased incompetency in paying the amount.

With no other options left, the girl’s family knocked on the doors of the police and filed a complaint with them.

Acting on the complaint, cops arrested 11 persons including the committee members and the prime accused. While a probe into the case is underway, all the accused have also been forwarded to court, sources said.

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