Bhubaneswar Hottest City In Country!

Bhubaneswar: The State Capital City of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, emerged as the hottest city in the country after it recorded 39.4 degree Celsius.

According to Bhubaneswar Meteorological Centre, Bhubaneswar recorded the highest maximum temperature of 39.4°C.

Bhubaneswar recorded a departure in a maximum temperature of 6 degrees above normal.

Bhubaneswar that has been registering a sharp rise in the maximum temperature in the State in the past four days broke the country’s record on Thursday.

Besides, the temperature will rise further in the next four to five days.

Similarly, the maximum temperature in most parts of the State may rise by 2 to 4 degree Celsius.

As per the MeT, the maximum temperature in Bhubaneswar should be between 32 and 33 degree Celsius during this period. But, now it is up by 6.5 degree Celsius. Similarly, the night temperature should be between 20 and 21 degrees. But now it is 17 degrees C. Such large differences in day and night temperatures have surprised meteorologists.

Apart from Bhubaneswar, 15 more places in Odisha recorded temperature above 35 degree Celsius.