Bhubaneswar: Digital Door Numbering system Underway

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) launched a digital door numbering system through geospatial technology on a guide base in three wards on Monday.

This digital door numbering system will help to generate a uniform address system for all the urban dwellings.

With the new system, each house will be given an alphanumeric code as the first-hand identification number containing information on the exact location of the property with coded details of its address, nearby landmark, sub-road and main road.

The system will be applicable to residential houses and commercial properties.

Reportedly, in the first phase, ward no. 6 in the north zone, ward no. 23 in the south zone and ward no. 30 in the west zone will be covered. The remaining 64 wards will be taken up in subsequent phases.

At least Rs 3.97 crore will be spent for the digital numbering with operation and maintenance of the service for one year.

The new digital door numbering system will help in the location of giving the exact address of the property and the collection of property or holding tax and fees of the other tax and fees of other chargeable services, providing assistance to revenue collection.