Bhimatangi Woman Murder Accused Confesses To Crime: Police

Bhubaneswar: Intensifying its investigation of the sensational murder in the Bhimatangi area, police have made the shocking revelation on Wednesday.

In a presser here, Bhubaneswar DCP Umashankar Dash said that the accused Jagannath Pradhan had reportedly forced the woman for marriage before killing her.

“Pradhan who was undergoing treatment at the AIIMS here has confessed to the crime during interrogation. He said that he had plotted the murder conspiracy and forced her for marriage before the murder at deceased Priyanka’s residence,” DCP Dash said.

“The accused had entered the house of Priyanka in the Bhimatangi area when the woman and her little son were inside the house. He came with two knives, poison, a vermillion container, chocolates, and beverages at around 9.00 AM on that day after her husband left for office. He started speaking to Priyanka in a usual manner and proposed to her for marriage and also asked her to flee with him leaving her husband,” the DCP said.

“The conversation later turned into an argument and during the period, the house owner knocked at the door with some food item (Dahi bara) for which he hid inside the washroom. The house owner offered the woman the food item and took the son to the top floor of the house,” Dash added.

“Taking advantage of the situation, the spurned lover came outside the bathroom and again pressurised her for marriage. As per the plan, he slit her throat with a knife after she rejected his proposal. Later, he attempted suicide by consuming the poison. Before it, he made a video call to Priyanka’s husband,” Dash told media reporters.

“Pradhan allegedly murdered Priyanka by slitting her throat and later tried to end his life by cutting his wrist at her house but was rescued by police and admitted to the Capital Hospital for treatment. A suicidal note recovered from him had been written 4 days before the murder. Pradhan was referred to the AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, and has been discharged. His statements have been recorded and further investigations are underway,” Dash further added.

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