Bhartruhari Mahtab’s 2nd Op-Ed again flays BJD


Bhubaneswar: MP Bhartruhari Mahtab of ruling-BJD today wrote up another column in a local daily amid the continuing trouble of the first one. BJP gained votes in panchayat polls due to loss of Congress votes. BJD has not done poorly in panchayat polls as being propagated by BJP. BJD votes have reduced from 43% to 40%. This has to be admitted and preventive measures must be taken accordingly”, the column read.

Mahtab expressed this in his 2nd column in a local daily. Mahtab’s 2nd op-ed flays Dama Rout, Surya Patro for their remarks on his first column. Mahtab wrote his 2nd column today by saying objective is to clarify things as certain TV channels tried to amplify the first column. BJD spokespersons’ response to local BJP leaders in any matter is exposing BJD’s weakness as Bhartruhari adds in his column. Legislators should be asked to be careful to cement cracks in party at their respective constituencies writes the parliamentarian in his column.

Meanwhile, party supremo and CM Naveen Patnaik reacted to the column stating “If senior leaders have anything negative to say, rather going to media, they should come to me with their concerns,” while taking media.

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