Bhadrak’s 57-yr-old school in bad shape seeks attention


Bhadrak: The 57-year-old Budhijagulai Nodal UP School at Biridihi in Banta block of Bhadrak district was established in 1962, where 53 students are studying at present.

However, the school doesn’t have enough classrooms; whatever it has, are in a dilapidated condition. Students were seen studying in school veranda as there are only two classrooms for eight classes.

Moreover, the school is running with an acute shortage of teaching faculties. There are only five teachers for the students of eight classes.

Similarly, the school has only two toilets, which are being used by all the student, teaching and non-teaching staffs.

The educational institution is in a dilapidated condition as the building of the school have developed several cracks. As a result, the parents have now stopped sending their children to the school, fearing that the wall could collapse at any time.

Apart from the shortage of teachers and classrooms, the school also sans the electricity connection. Moreover, the extracurricular activities for the students are also hampered, as the school lacks a playground.

When contacted, the headmaster of the school said that the block education officer has been apprised regarding the various issues of the school, but no actions have been taken so far.

Meanwhile, the local, parents and guardian have demanded the immediate solution to the alarming problems before the next academic session commences.

Earlier, it was reported that the Bantala Nodal School under Kadbarang gram panchayat in Banta block has also been facing several problems including shortage of teachers and safety of the building.

The school, which runs under an acute shortage of infrastructure, has only five classrooms for students of eight classes. Similarly, the school also lacks adequate teachers. Reportedly, there are only five teachers for more than 100 students at the school.

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