Beware! CRUT to penalise ticketless Mo bus passengers


Bhubaneswar: Ticketless travellers beware! The Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) has decided to impose fine on passengers travelling without ticket on MO buses in the city from September 1.

The CRUT requests its passengers to cooperate with the checking staff and to travel in bus with valid ticket/monthly pass and produce the same on demand by the checking staff during the course of checking.

Dipti Mahapatro, General Manager, Personnel and Administration & spokesperson, CRUT said, “It is observed that some people are travelling without passes or tickets in MO BUS causing revenue loss to the public exchequer. To bring discipline among travellers, CRUT plans to intensify checking and penalize defaulters. However, we are also working towards creating more awareness about the same not only inside the buses but also outside through social media and other communication platforms. We are confident the citizens of the city will welcome this step and spread the message among their peer group.”

According to sections 124 and 178, 179(1), 179(2) of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, any passenger found travelling without a ticket or pass is liable to be fined up to 10 times the legal fare payable by such person or Rs 500 whichever is less. Disobedience of orders, obstructions to the checking officer in discharge of duties and refusal to give information will also amount to Rs 500 fine. Legal fare means the fare due from originating point of the trip to the destination point of the traveller.

About CRUT:

With a vision to provide excellence in public transit service and strive for continuous improvement of the Capital Region’s transportation system, CRUT is committed to redefining “The Way We Move”, by providing mobility options to the residents that will support a more sustainable future for all. CRUT has expanded the definition of public transit to integrate multimodal alternatives for residents and visitors with its new team of experts representing the domains of transportation planning, technology, operations, and communications. Currently, we are having a fleet of 200 buses equipped with free Wi-Fi, clean & technologically advanced equipment & cater to around 70000 passengers daily spread across 20 routes in the twin city.

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