Best Dry Fruits For Your Weight Loss Journey


New Delhi: Almost everybody likes sticking to a healthy routine and diet. A strong metabolism can also contribute to shedding those extra kilos. A boost in the metabolism process can be enhanced by eating foods that keep your stomach full for a longer period of time. Read on to know some of the recommended dried fruits that can promote quick weight loss while staying healthy at the same time.


Walnuts are healthy dried fruits which are loaded with unsaturated fats and certain fatty acids that your body needs. They are considered to be a great food that helps promote proper weight loss due to their nutrients like fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and significant amounts of protein. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these are great for a sharp brain as well.


Dates are rich in flavour and work wonder for weight loss. Dates are also rich in Vitamin B5 which are perfect for endurance and boosting stamina. You can add dates in your salads or desserts or even much them raw.


Raisins are one of the most popular dried fruits for quick weight loss. It is also very satiating and makes up for a good snacking option, aiding your weight loss process. At the same time, it also contains powerful neurotransmitters known as GABA which can stabilize your appetite, slow down digestion and act on stress levels.


Almonds are perfect low-calorie snacks and extremely healthy. Eating 4-7 almonds every day will provide you with monosaturated fats, protein, and antioxidants. Almonds also aid in maintaining LDL levels in check.

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