Berhampur: Two JEs Caught Taking Rs 10K Bribe


Berhampur: The Odisha Vigilance on Monday apprehended two Junior Engineers and a supervisor in Berhampur of Ganjam for demanding and accepting Rs 10,000 bribe from a contractor to process a file

Today i.e. on 29.05.2023, Prasanna Kumar Padhy, JE, Berhampur Section, I/c Kukudakhandi of MIP Division Ganjam No.I, Berhampur, Dhirendra Kumar Panda, JE-cum-Estimator of Berhampur MI Division and Ajaya Patra, Khalasi (Supervisor) Hqr. Section of MI Division have been apprehended by Odisha Vigilance for demanding and accepting undue advantage of Rs.10,000 from a complainant (Contractor) for processing file, execution of Agreement for improvement to Bada Bandha Minor Irrigation Project (MIP), Monohara in Kukudakhandi Block, Ganjam.

According to Vigilance, initially, JE Padhy instructed the contractor to handover the bribe money to JE-cum-Estimator Panda for execution of agreement for the above work. Panda took Rs.10,000 bribe which was recovered from him. Supervisor Patra, previously accepted Rs.14,000 through PhonePe for the alleged work as per PhonePe number given by JE Padhy.

Based on a complaint, a trap was laid on Monday wherein the accused Dhirendra Kumar Panda, JE-cum-Estimator was caught by the team of Odisha Vigilance inside office of Executive Engineer, MI Division-I, Berhampur while demanding and accepting bribe of Rs.10,000 from the complainant, the Vigilance said.

As per direction of JE Padhy, the complainant handed over the bribe amount to JE-cum-Estimator Panda. The entire bribe money was recovered from the possession of Panda and seized in presence of witnesses. Both hands wash as well as pant pocket wash of Panda gave positive chemical reaction, confirming acceptance and handling of bribe money by him.

Following the trap, simultaneous searches have been launched in office chambers of Padhy & Panda and their houses in Berhampur town.

In this connection, Berhampur Vigilance PS Case No.6 dated 26.05.2023 U/s 7/7A PC Amendment Act, 2018 has been registered. Investigation is in progress against accused JE Padhy, JE-cum-Estimator Panda, and Khalasi Patra, the Vigilance added.

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