Bengaluru-Bound IndiGo Flight Grounded Due To ‘Sparks’; Full Emergency At Delhi Airport


New Delhi: A full emergency has been declared at IGI airport after a Bengaluru-bound IndiGo flight was grounded in Delhi due to sparks in the aircraft on Friday. All passengers and crew are reported safe.

A Twitter user posted a video and wrote, “Indigo 6E 2131. Scary experience on Delhi runway! This was supposed to be a take off video but this happened.”

Meanwhile, a statement issued by IndiGo said, “An aircraft operating flight 6E-2131 (Delhi-Bangalore) experienced a technical issue while on take-off roll, immediately after which the pilot aborted the takeoff and aircraft returned to the bay. All passengers and crew are safe and an alternate aircraft is being arranged.”

It is to be noted that earlier on Thursday, a Delhi-bound Akasa Air flight was hit by a bird during the climb, due to which the aircraft suffered a radome damage.

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