Beheaded Woman Case: Commissionerate Police Solves Mystery, Nabs Two

Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police has cracked the beheaded woman case with the arrest of two accused here on Thursday following the recovery of the missing head.

The police have solved the mystery within eight days of the heinous crime. The accused are identified as Sanjay and Chandu. Police Commissioner Sudhanshu Sarangi said that the barbaric crime was the result of an extramarital relationship.

The deceased woman is identified as Puspalata Roul (28) and she hails from Ganjam. Sanjay alias Angad Das had strangulated her to death and then beheaded with a sharp knife to escape from suspicion. Sanjay dumped the headless body at Andharua-Daspur roadside on February 3. He was assisted by his friend Chandu in the illegal act. Both of them transported the body of Puspalata on Sanjay’s Bolero and dumped the body on the wayside after chopping off the head.

Reports said Puspalata, who was staying at Phuleswari Basti at Khandagiri, was earlier married and had two daughters. The intimacy between Sanjay and Puspalata began when the former was staying as a tenant. However, Puspalata got married to Pritiranjan Pati of Tihidi on December 24, last year and shifted to Dhirakut Basti.

But, Puspalata came back to the place where Sanjay was staying. After a gap of ten days, Puspalata arrived at Sanjay’s basti. As Sanjay was upset with Puspalata, a wordy duel ensued between the two as to why she ditched him and married Pritiranjan.

On February 3, Puspalata again landed at Sanjay’s house and both were engaged in a wordy duel again on the matter. As the matter worsened, Sanjay strangulated her with an apron. After killing her mercilessly, Sanjay called his friend Chandu to help him.

Both drank profusely and took Puspalata’s body in the Bolero to dump it at Andharua-Daspur road. The crime was so immaculately done that police was baffled for some days for its solution. Puspalata’s mother Minati could recognize the body after seeing the tattoo in her daughter’s hand. It provided the police with an important clue to solve the mystery.

Sarangi said Puspalata’s body will be joined by the head at AIIMS and post-mortem will be conducted. Some items have been sent to the forensic lab to ascertain matters relating to the crime, Sarangi added.