BBC Documentary Row: Sec-144 Clamped At DU, Power Cut At Kolkata Presidency University


New Delhi/Kolkata: As many as 24 students were detained and Section 144 under CrPC was imposed outside the Faculty of Arts at the University of Delhi in the wake of a call by NSUI-KSU for the screening the BBC documentary series on the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the 2002 Gujarat riots.

The Bhim Army Student Federation said that it will hold the screening at 5 pm outside the Arts Faculty in the North Campus of the University of Delhi.

“Around 4 pm today, around 20 persons gathered outisde the Arts faculty gate to screen the banned BBC documentary. As it could lead to disturbance in the area, they were asked to disperse from the spot. However, when they refused, they were detained. A total of 24 persons have been detained. Currently, the situation is normal,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Sagar Singh Kalsi said.

“Section 144 was imposed in December till February 28 to prevent any law and order problems at the university,” another official said.

Earlier in the day, Delhi University proctor Rajni Abbi said the varsity will not allow BBC’s documentary to be screened on campus.

In related development, Presidency University in Kolakata also witnessed power cut in the common room during the screening of the film. Projector has gone off. It happened about 30 minutes after the screening, ANI reported.

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