Battlegrounds Mobile India New Update Brings Flora Menace Mode: More Details Here


New Delhi: Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6 update is all set to launch in-game. It is one of the major updates after the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 1.5 update, which rolled out in July and brought the much-awaited Tesla collaboration along with a host of new features. While the BGMI 1.6 update is not as exhaustive as the previous iteration, it does bring a new Flora Menace Mode, upgraded features, and new guns to the game. Krafton has teased 10 new features that the update will bring. Let’s take a look.

Flora Menace Mode

The first and most important upgrade will be a new Flora Menace Mode. While the developer has not delved into details much, it did mention that the mode will bring in-game elements like Zillion Matrix, Life Barrier, and Dynahex supply. From the teaser shared by the developer, it’s not clear what these elements are. We will get to know more closer to the official release date.

Improved enemy tracking

The teaser post also reveals that the BGMI 1.6 update will come with improved enemy tracking in-game. There will be an option to adjust the gun scope faster through a new adjustment mechanism. Additionally, the update will have an option to show the route from start to the endpoint, which will make it easier to identify possible hot spots on the route.

Gameplay customisation

Again it’s not clear from the Instagram post as to what gameplay customisation options this new update will bring. However, Krafton has teased two new features. According to the image post, the basic settings option in the game has been updated but we will have to wait till the official rollout to know what exactly has been changed. Additionally, there will now be an option to capture highlight moments from the match through settings.

Unlimited ammo, new guns, and improved vehicles

Lastly, Krafton has revealed that the upcoming update will bring three new arena battle guns including two SMGs and one pistol. Additionally, players will be able to enjoy unlimited ammo supply on training grounds. And finally, the game will feature improved UAZ and Bus durability, which will ensure that these in-game SUV vehicles handle attacks better.

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