Basic Makeup Products That Every Beginner Must Have 


New Delhi: Makeup products to include in your kit can be tricky even for a makeup expert, let alone a beginner. Ahead, we’re sharing must-have products for newbies plus the exact order to apply them.   


As the name suggests, primer is the first step in your makeup routine. Although primers can vary in formulation (some are water-based and others are silicone-based), they all help to smooth out your complexion prior to applying base products like foundation and concealer.   

Foundation First, Then Concealer 

Although this one is up for debate, we recommend applying your foundation before following up with a concealer. If you prefer more natural-looking coverage. After applying foundation, use a smaller brush (or your fingers, again) to apply concealer. Tap it on your under-eye area, as well as on top of any blemishes or imperfections peeking through your foundation.   


While you can use your fingers to apply makeup, brushes are way less messy (and sometimes make the finished look appear more seamless).   


After you’ve applied eyeshadow, line your lashes with eyeliner.  For a sleek cat-eye.  It’s a little easier to manage than a liquid liner, especially if you’ve never used one before.   


After eyeshadow and eyeliner, top off your eye makeup look with mascara.   


While lipstick preferences differ from person to person, so you can choose lipstick as per your skin colour. 

Setting Spray 

Finally, set your makeup in place by spritzing on a setting spray. Doing so will ensure your makeup stays put all day and all night. 

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