Bargarh Collector sets up Subha Stambha of Dhanu Jatra


Bargarh: The festive mood of Bargarh’s Dhanu Jatra has begun with district collector and president of the Dhanu Jatra organising committee Khagendra Kumar Padhi set up the ‘Subha Stambha’ (holy stone) at Hatapada in the district today.

According to reports, the rehearsal for the 11-day festival will begin after the selection of King Kansa. The audition for the role of king Kansa will begin from November 28.

The annual festival of Dhanu Jatra will kick start on December 23 and will conclude on January 2.

Dhanu Jatra is an annual drama-based open-air theatrical performance celebrated in the district. It is considered as world’s largest open-air theatre. It is based on mythological story of Krishna and his demon uncle Kansa. It is about the episode of Krishna and Balaram’s visit to Mathura to witness the Dhanu ceremony organized by their (maternal) uncle Kansa. The plays start with the dethroning of emperor Ugrasena by the angry prince Kansa, over the marriage of his sister Debaki with Basudeba, and ends with death of Kansa, and Ugrasen restoring back to become the king.

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