Bankuala murder case: Iron rod recovered from pond


Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate police on Sunday has recovered an iron rod which was allegedly used to kill Sushant Kumar Nayak(aged 38) of Bankuala area on Friday.

As per sources, Nayak had gone to a tea shop in Mahulaguda area on January 27 where he had an argument with stall owner Balia Pradhan over a dispute. Pradhan being campaigning for a political party wanted to paste some posters on Nayak’s tea stall. While, Pradhan opposed for such an act. Subsequently, Nayak alongwith his other associates asked for some tea and ‘paan’ to Nayak.  Nayak already been irritated earlier by Pradhan’s behaviour, denied to give any tean or ‘paan’ to them. As a result, Nayak along with his other associates vandalized the tea stall. Being agitated over the issue, Pradhan along with his brother Kanhu Pradhan had beaten up Nayak with the help of the soft drink bottles and an iron rod, leading to death of Nayak.

However, a case was registered(32/17) and the duo was arrested. During the interrogation, the duo had informed of the iron rod which was used to kill Nayak and was later thrown in a pond behind their stall.

Meanwhile, after the rejection of their bail plea, the duo has been sent to Jharpada jail.

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