Banamalipur Turns Hub For Stolen Vehicles In Khurda


Khurda: While the Twin City Commissionerate police have launched a crackdown on various illegal activities that went over the board here, Balipatna that lies on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar has turned into a hub for the stolen cars.

According to available information, people sell the stolen cars by stating them to be scrapes here without any fear of the law.

In the past few days, the civic bodies of the State Capital have decided to remove the unused cars from the roadsides. Following this, the owner of the old cars sold those cars to the scrap dealers at very cheap rates.

Taking advantage of the situation, the scrape dealers also took in several stolen vehicles in order to dispose them and sell their parts separately.

However, as per rules, before cutting the car, the scrape dealers have to submit the number plate and documents at the RTO office, so that the number plates will not be misused.

While cops conduct raids and launch drives against such illegal activities frequently, scrape dealers now have made Banamalipur their new den.

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