Baloch Human Rights Council accuses Pak of committing ‘systemic genocide’


Geneva: Pakistan is committing ‘systemic genocide’ of minorities in the country, according to Baloch Human Rights Council.

Samad Baloch, Secretary-General of BHRC, said Islamabad is committing “systemic genocide” of minorities and dubbed it as a “breeding ground” for terrorism.

Samad accused Islamabad of “robbing” Balochistan’s natural resources and called Pakistan a rogue state.

Media reports said:”The people of Balochistan have suffered a lot. Our socio-cultural, economic rights have been denied. Balochistan has been plundered, they have looted our resources. Balochistan is rich in minerals and natural resources, yet the people suffer”.

Samad said:”Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorism. Pakistan is not only committing systematic genocide of Baloch people but also involved in the genocide of our Sindhi brothers, Pashtuns.”

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