Baloch Activist Raises Alarm Over Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan

Mahrang Baloch, a prominent Balochistan human rights activist, has expressed grave concerns over the international community’s silence regarding the atrocities faced by the Baloch community in Pakistan.

Speaking at the ‘Middle East and North Africa Youth Conference’ (MENAYC) held in Beirut, Lebanon, Mahrang highlighted the issue of enforced disappearances, which she described as the worst tragedy afflicting the Baloch people.

In her video message, Mahrang accused the Pakistani army and secret agencies of staging these incidents, primarily targeting youths as they often voiced against the administration. “Balochistan is the region with the highest number of enforced disappearances in the world,” she stated, adding that the number has grown to thousands over the past two decades.

Mahrang narrated distressing stories of families shattered by forced disappearances, leaving numerous women and children in a state of uncertainty, not knowing whether their loved ones were alive or dead. She unveiled her own personal sorrow, detailing how her father’s disfigured body was dumped in a remote forest following his enforced disappearance and torture.

The activist’s plea comes amidst ongoing protests and sit-ins organised by families of forcibly disappeared individuals in Balochistan. In Khuzdar, the families of Anees Baloch and Nazeer Ahmed Baloch have blocked major roads, demanding their safe release.

The Baloch People’s Congress (BPC), a political organization advocating for Baloch rights, has condemned the violence inflicted by Pakistan’s “Punjabi army” against peaceful protesters in Chaman. The border town remains tense as violent demonstrations and confrontations between protesters and law enforcement continue for the third consecutive day.

Mahrang Baloch’s call for international attention and action has shed light on the grave human rights violations occurring in Balochistan, urging human rights organisations and the global community to raise their voices against the oppression faced by the Baloch people.

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