Balenciaga launches Lay’s-like luxury potato chips bags


Paris: Balenciaga’s latest spring/summer collection features a bag that is LITERALLY a packet of Lay’s chips.

This came as a part of Balenciaga’s collaboration with Lay’s following which the bags were launched as one of its Summer 23 Collections from the Spanish luxury label. Not just that, one such bag was also showcased at the Paris Fashion Week.

Speaking about the bag, while it looks exactly like a packet of Lay’s chips, the material seems light and foldable and also has a zipper. In addition to that, the bag also has the logo of Lay’s with its own name beneath the logo.

In the meantime, following the launch of the chips packet-style bag, it has gone viral on the internet and people have been sharing it widely. While a section of people seems to be disappointed with the design, some also took up the opportunity to crack jokes about the creation.

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