Balasore Train Accident: Khurda DRM suspects possible sabotage, tampering in signal system


Bhubaneswar: Khurda Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Rinkesh Roy alleged that without physical tampering there would be no problem with the signal system that eventually led to the Balasore train accident.

“There was green signal on the main line. The signal is usually green when all the pre-conditions required for the signal to go green are perfect. If any of the pre-conditions does not meet, technically the signal can never turn green. Unless and until anyone tampers with the signal system, it remains red,” said Roy.

“We have a system called data logger where each event starting from the pushing of signal buttons gets recorded. From that data logger, it is found that the signal was actually green. It can’t be possible unless someone has tampered with it,” he added, suggesting physical tempering with the signal system.


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