Balasore: Dog Bites Over 30, Beaten To Death By Locals


Balasore: In a horrific incident, more than thirty people were injured after a mad dog went on a biting spree at Kansei Mohalla in Balasore town on Saturday.

The injured have been identified as Rehmat Shaw, Jandhar Dey, Ayesha Bibi, Naseem Bibi, Gopal Chandra Sethi, Mohammad Iruddin, Sek Amanullah,  Tamuron Bibi, Sec Piyaudullah, Sec Kader, Sec Abhidullah.

According to reports, the mad dog went on a rampage biting one person after another in the area. All of them are under treatment at Balasore hospital. The injured persons included 15 women and 7 children.

Enraged over the casualties, angry locals beat the dog to death after the municipal authorities failed to take immediate action in this regard.

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