Badambadi Police nabs seven anti-socials for extortion from bus operators


Cuttack: Showing zero tolerance to extortion activities,  Badambadi Police today arrested seven operatives of an organised gang on charges of extorting money from the buses at Badambadi main bus stand.

The accused persons were identified as Anil Nayak (25) of Sankarpur, Diha Sahi, Sakal alias Sanjay Nayak (44) of Sankarpur Upar Sahi, Deba alias Debaraj Sethi (41) of Sankarpur Uparsahi, Jitu alias Sitendra Rout (38) of Sankarpur Paniopodo, Babulu alias Anup Kumar Barik (31) of Sankarpur Barik Sahi, Kalandi Khuntia (42), of Sankarpur Uparsahi, Sachhia alias Sachidanonda Rout (38) of Sankarpur Dihasahi, under Badambadi PS limits.

On the basis of a written complaint by Addl. IIC of Badambadi PS, a case (167/20) was registered under Sections386/120(B)/34 of the IPC, and SI Dillip Kumar was entrusted as the Investigating Officer.

According to police, they received reliable information on Monday evening at 7.30 PM that an organised gang of antisocial are operating in Badambadi main Bus Stand and extorting money (Dada Bati) under conspiracy with some influential persons of the locality by terrorising, assaulting, and issuing life threats to the owner, conductor, driver, helper, and others.

A team of Badambadi Police swung into action and conducted a raid in the main bus stand, as a result, seven antisocial were caught red-handed. However, some of them managed to give a slip to the cops.

During interrogation, the accused persons confessed that they were operating a gang and forcibly collecting  Rs.200 to Rs.400 from each bus as per the direction of one Babulu. They also confessed that if anybody protests to pay, they assault the bus staff and hamper the smooth running of buses.

Further, it has been disclosed that a gang of antisocial, led by Babulu, basically the residents of Sankarpur area are operating at Badambadi bus stand just after lockdown, terrorising the owner and other bus staff under the patronage of their antisocial, criminal and influential activities and collecting Dada Bati of Rs.200 to Rs.400 from each bus every day coming to Badambadi main bus stand.

During search by the police team, hard cash of Rs.9840 was also seized from the accused persons which were collected as Dada Bati from the bus conductors.

The accused persons, Anil Nayok, Sanjay Nayak, Debaraj Sethi, Jitendra Rout @ Jitu, Anup Kumar Barik @ Babulu, Katondi Khuntia, Sachidananda Rout,  were arrested so far and forwarded to the court today. The investigation is in progress by a special team and efforts are underway to arrest other accused persons, the police said.

“Our effort will continue strongly to deal with this crime and to make the Badambadi main bus stand free from extortion. We are committed to facilitating free and fearless atmosphere for our citizens at Badambadi Bus Stand,” said Cuttack DCP.



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