Bada Osha: Know Its Significance In Odia Culture


Cuttack: One very important festival of Odisha is the Bada Osha of the Dhabaleshwar Temple. ‘Bada’ in Odiya means ‘major’ or big, and ‘Osha’ means fasting.

Dhabaleswar, Temple of Lord Mahadeva in the state of Odisha (Orissa) is an extremely famous and known among the natives of the state.

On this special day women’s wear the New saree, take the fast from the before the day that is called Ekbar(means one time to eat rice) and on that day full fasting. In every Saiba Pitha devotees visit the temple and prepare the delicious sweet dish called “Gaja Bhoga” and “Ghora”. Gaja Bhoga looks like white rasagolla, and this sweet dish is related to the Lord name Dhabaleswar Baba, in Odisha Dhabala means white. First, the prasad offer to Lord Shiva and distribute to devotees.

Lakhs of devotees come to the Dhabaleswar temple and every Lord Shiva temple.

However, devotees missed out on visiting the shrine this year due to restrictions induced by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dhabaleswar temple is located very close to the city of Cuttack, nearly 3kms.

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