Baby elephant dies in Dhenkanal’s Hindol forest division


Khajuria: A baby elephant was found dead atop a hill near Balisahi under Rasol Section of Hindol forest division in Dhenkanal district on Thursday.

According to locals, the two-month-old jumbo was seen roaming with the mother elephant in the nearby forest a few days ago.

Source said, some locals heard elephants trumpeting atop the nearby hill this morning and informed the forest department personnel who reached the spot and climbed the hill only to find the baby jumbo lying dead and the mother guarding it.

After hours of ordeal, the forest team comprising Hindol ranger Madhusudan Patra, Forester Sudarshan Dehury, forest guard Mukti Prasad Behera and others managed to recover the body of the baby elephant.

Reportedly, Rasol veterinarian Abishek Sahu have conducted the post-mortem after which the body has been buried. However, the reason behind the pachyderm’s death was not known immediately.

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