Baby bear of rare breed rescued in Janla


Khurda: Khurda forest department officials on Thursday night rescued a baby bear of a very rare from Janla area on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

According to reports, the animal cub was white in colour with black spot on its face. It is assumed to be aged around 2-3 months.

As per initial reports, it was assumed that the animal might have come outside wildlife habitat after it lost direction. It is also claimed that the mother bear might have left her baby.

According to sources, local youth spotted the animal at a cricket ground at Janla at around 10 pm on Thursday. While the baby animal was presumed to be a dog, upon having a close look they found it to be a bear.

To the surprise of the locals, the baby bear came to them instead of running away out of fear.

The youths immediately informed the officials of Khurda Forest Division. The officials reached the spot and rescued the animal, sources said.

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