Babushaan-Prakruti-Trupti drama: Police record statements of 7, notice to actor, actress


Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police has started an investigation into the Babushaan-Prakruti-Trupti drama that led to tussle on Bhubaneswar street by recording the statements of seven persons.

The statements of seven persons have been recorded based on the two separate FIRs registered by Trupti and Prakruti Mishra’s mother Krushnapriya Mishra.

As per reports, the statements of Babushaan’s mother Aparajita Mohanty, Trupti Satpathy, her father Lalit Satpathy, aunt and uncle Sangita and Ashok Praharaj, Prakruti Mishra’s father Manmath and mother Krushnapriya Mishra have been recorded. Kharvel Nagar Police Police also served notices to actors Babushaan and Prakruti based on the complaint filed by Trupti Satpathy.

As both the actors are out of the state, they have been asked to appear in person at the police station after their arrival in Bhubaneswar. While a case under section 498 ‘A’ has been registered against Babushaan, a case under IPC section 506 has been registered against his co-actor Prakruti.

“We will examine the CCTV footage from the spot where the incident occurred. The statements of some eye-witness have been recorded,” said the investigation officer.

In a video statement, Ollywood actor Tanmay Mohanty, popularly known as Babushaan, said, “I was not aware that my family was going through disturbances. If my family has issues, I will not do that film with her (Prakruti). If required, I will not work with any heroines in the future.”

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