Babushaan got into bad company, says Aparajita while actor tells “Will not work with Prakruti Mishra or, if need be, any heroine”


Bhubaneswar: Hours after purported videos of Ollywood actor Prakruti Mishra being harassed by the wife of co-actor Tanmay Mohanty, popularly known as Babushaan Mohanty, went viral on various social media platforms on Saturday, Babushaan broke silence and released a video statement over the matter.

The Ollywood actor, who went to Chennai to attend an event after the incident, released the video statement in which he can be seen saying he will not work with Prakruti Mishra or any heroine.

Meanwhile, the actor’s mother Aparajita Mohanty on Sunday appealed to his son to return.

“The person who is causing financial and mental problems, and creating disturbances in family can never be called a friend,” Aparajita said.

While talking to reporters, Aparajita said, “Babushaan is a good and talented kid and he loves his family. For him, Odia industry is everything.” Commenting on the ongoing row, Aparajita said, “Bad company has ruined my son’s life.”

“I don’t know what happened to him (Babushaan) during the Covid-19 pandemic for which he has got completely changed. He started behaving differently and didn’t even pay visit to us. It was during this period that he got into some bad company. I urge people to bless my son so that he returns to his family,” Aparajita further added.


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