Ayodhya Ram Temple Bans Mobile Phones on its Premises

Ayodhya: The newly built Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya has recently implemented a ban on mobile phones within its premises. The Ayodhya administration and the temple trust have made the decision citing security and to maintain a serene atmosphere for the devotees visiting the holy place, said temple trustee Anil Mishra.

The trustee further appealed to all the devotees to respect the decision and urged them to use the cloakroom facilities and cooperate in maintaining the arrangements.

“Yesterday, we informed the administration in a meeting. Looking at the security and devotees’ facilities, the administration and the trust have made this decision. We appeal to all the devotees to respect this decision… We have complete facilities to keep mobile phones safe… We have the facility to keep any valuable item safely, the devotees are requested to avail these facilities and cooperate in maintaining the arrangements…” Mishra said.

Earlier, Uttarakhand banned videos and reels inside the Char Dham temple premises. Following the same path, Ayodhya Ram Temple has banned pilgrims from carrying mobile phones inside the temple

The Ram Temple frequently sees gatherings of huge crowds and in such conditions; mobile phones could potentially pose security threats. The prohibition is intended to reduce the likelihood of devices being misused for capturing or disseminating confidential data, thereby fostering a more secure and safe atmosphere for all attendees.

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