Avengers Endgame trailer 2 out: Iron Man returns to earth


Mumbai: Three months after the first trailer, the makers of Avengers Endgame have released the second trailer of the movie, which officially confirmed that Tony Stark, aka the Iron Man, has made it back from his secluded spacecraft.

The new trailer just dropped on YouTube and the viewers get a glimpse of Iron Man walking alongside Black Widow and rest of the Avengers, led by Captain America.

The First Avenger and the first Thor movie were also shown to insinuate the fact that Avengers could time travel and reset things right from the beginning. But the biggest reveal is that Tony Stark is back on earth.

Captain America, Thor and Clint’s shots from previous films are shown in the trailer.

In the first trailer, Tony mentioned in his message to Pepper that food and water had run out and air too was about to run out while they were stranded in space.

Here is the trailer:




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