Autopsy files in cold storage, Police investigation suffers


Bhubaneswar: Negligence or inability on part of the health department has marred the efficacy of the Commissionerate Police with hundreds of autopsy reports of untimely death cases pending as pressure to submit the final charge sheet on the cases keeps on increasing, sources said.

Sources revealed, as many as 288 such cases are still pending in different police stations under the jurisdiction of the twin city police. While Khandagiri police station accounts for the major chunk of cases with 136, there are 31 cases under Balipatna PS, 17 under Capital PS, 11 under Sahidnagar and 10 cases under, Mancheswar PS.

Such circumstances have resulted in slackening of investigations into the cases as case files lie rotting in racks.

The police have expressed dissatisfaction over such scenario. Twin City Police Commissioner Y B Khurania has already urged both the Home Department and the Health Department to fasten the process, police sources said.

Meanwhile, health officials have cited lack of employees and work load as the prime reason behind the situation. “We will give prime importance to the issue so that autopsy reports can be furnished as early as possible,” said a Capital Hospital official while on a 2007 based Balianta death case which has created quite some problems for the police.

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